For The Love of God by William Ruffing

January 2, 2020



I’ve read other books about religion before but this book is out of the ordinary. With this book, it will recharge your spiritual batteries. Personally, I believe that William Ruffing’s message will appeal to everyone, regardless of religious preference.


For me, this book helps us have a better understanding of who God is and why He loves us so much. The book help readers to find out more on Essence of God. It also provides many ways of making the readers able to think and develop a deep insightful thought on Him. I really enjoyed reading this book. I found the stories and anecdotes to be delightful additions to the book, furthering exactly what the author was trying to say.  I feel that this book would be beneficial for anyone looking for answers or guidance in the areas of God, His love for us, and how to be able to understand the Bible better. Every idea that the author has is backed up by scripture and leads up to a full summary where each question that the author presents is given an answer.


This book aspires to influence beliefs, but it is the inner personal peace which is the true goal of the book. It’s a distinctive approach and encouraging at the same time. This conviction is directed at an individual level, but it’s clear that Ruffing has a much bigger goal. Whether you’re reading for inspiration, or seeking out ways to perceive peace, this book has something in it which everyone can certainly relate to.

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