EQUITOCRACY by Radu Buzescu

November 21, 2019


Right now, it's easy to see that the wealth in this world, and specifically in the US, isn't distributed well at all. And there are people who would say well yes, it's not because there's no reason for person X to share their 4.2 billion dollars with person Y who does nothing for them and that taxes exist to share the wealth already. And maybe they're right in a way. But then there's the other side of it in thinking that if everyone pays a higher percentage of what they make in taxes, and if the very poor are exempt completely, then we could have free higher education and free healthcare and what a wonderfully healthy well-educated society that would be. Except there will always be people who find ways around paying that much in taxes. They'll find exemptions and deductions that us lowly people making $10 an hour and praying our cars don't need new tires soon could never hope to be able to figure out.


So, the idea of the Equal Distribution of Wealth that this book talks about starts to make a lot of sense in some ways. It doesn't matter how beautiful the homes of the ultra-rich are if everyone around them is being swallowed by poverty and that's part of what this book talks about and how we can really figure this out where yes people are still making money and that's not being taken from them but also these people that are trying to make it work and are seriously floundering and poor can get out of that bottomless pit of poverty and debt and being constantly broke all the time. I loved how this book was broken down into easy examples. You don't need to understand a ton about taxes and businesses and things to really get into this book which was great because understanding how money shapes society isn't something I know a lot about but it's something I want to start learning more about which is why this book is so good.

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