If Only I Could Read My mind by Sandra T. Lemire

November 19, 2019


The book sets an inspiration to the readers. The author started with how unconventional the relationship was between the author and Gary. The author only knew Gary by chance and by taking a huge risk. This risk led up to know a very interesting, good man. The book is an easy read and very light which can be finished in one sitting. I like the story as it’s very unique and interesting. The journey of the couple highlights all the ups and downs they had in life. The two of them were able to surpass quite a lot of hardships and I say had encountered quite a lot of luck and miracles in their lives.


The author had quite a lot of times when she needed to “reinvent” herself due to several kinds of reasons. I can imagine reinvention of oneself includes a lot of tough work. One needs to be mentally, physically, and most of all are emotionally prepared. The whole idea will require a lot of time, determination, and commitment. I admire the passion, patience, courage, determination, and hard work of both of them. Both of them were lucky to have one another that they can both depend on. None of them backed-out when things get sour. In fact, they were able to give strength to each other and fight for their own cases. I do hope the readers will find this book very inspirational. Despite the hardships, they were still able to execute and finish their own projects. They didn’t allow anything to be a hindrance for their achievement.

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