E-Girls Entrepreneurial Women by Sandra T. Lemire

November 19, 2019



Girl Power! The book inspires girls to stand-up for themselves and to pursue their dreams. The author shares her personal experiences – how it all began, what triggered her to push herself, how she was able to fulfill her life. She encourages women to take charge of their lives and to think that no one should be able to hinder themselves to achieve what they want.

This book has been written very casually and is an easy read. The author has written a brief background about how women were marginalized at first and how she fought her way regardless of the circumstances. I, myself, want to have my own start-up business; however, I have several questions on how I can proceed. As the book is not written theoretically, it is easy to relate to it. Readers will be guided from planning, setting the business up, what to look out for, the different types of business that can be offered.


A very short, concise book which indeed can give a full picture of the process of starting up a business, implementing, maintaining, and even exiting. Not only is the book about the business itself, but also provides advice on how to be a good female boss, how to make herself safe – the security, how to handle her own life – that is her family. It gives its readers a glimpse of what to expect. Of course, even though the book is designed to help women with their entrepreneurship, men can also benefit from reading this book.

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