Eating Smartly by Mia Nassini

July 26, 2019

Growing up, I remember having a poor body image and a twisted sense of physical beauty, picked up from observing the world through the wrong kind of filter. Now, as the mother of two girls, I am relentlessly looking for books that will help me and my children make headway and prolong a healthy emotional, spiritual and physical outlook in life. I got this book to learn a bit more about the importance of eating healthy, loving your body taking care of it by being as healthy as you can be.


“Eating Smartly proposes that we go back and relive the days of our ancestors to heal our bodies using raw foods. Sickness begins with what you consume daily. We are eating products we call food thinking it is real food. Nassini’s Eating Smartly illustrates how we can start fresh healing our bodies by using locally produced fresh food to bring back the pleasures of eating. You owe yourself a healthy body.”

This book is also a self-help book on being positive about yourself, daring to do what’s good for you, and implying that you can do anything you put your mind into. It stressed the importance of loving oneself, striving to live a virtuous life, and not subscribing to the world's norm and eating what is not good for you. It motivates the reader into making a change, and I am there -- I am already super motivated. It is very is empowering and inspirational. It will encourage people all over the world to eat healthier and knowing that the rest of life will come after.


The emphasis of this book is to help those who are interested in eating healthy meals for themselves, especially if they are conscious of losing weight or looking at their physical peak.  And what you eat indeed makes a big difference in reaching those goals.  If you're someone who needs a little help in getting started preparing and eating healthier to reach your fitness goals, this is definitely the book for you.



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