Haiti, Return to God by Odule Bitol

July 2, 2019


About a week, my mom sent me this book with a little note that indicated I should read it and that it had the potential to be life-changing.  My mom doesn't read much from a recreational standpoint, especially non-fiction, but what she reads is always meaningful, so it might have taken me a while to move it up the stack, but I listened.


Haiti Return to God by Odule Bitol is a powerful look into the truth of one of the poorest countries in the entire world, Haiti. It is about the truth and the reality of what actually happened during and after the earthquake. The author did not only expresses the real condition his country is going through but also offers the only solution that can change a historical condition that many believe to be economic or social but in reality, the fundamental issue is spiritual.


This book was such an uplifting read. It was one I was able to finish on a weekend but and I was sad to finally lay down. I found a book that was easily attainable, insightful, and infused with simple thoughts. I’m looking forward to reading more ofOdule Bitol in the future. I love books that change the way I think in a positive way and this was definitely one of them. I believe every missionary that intends to visit and help the island of Haiti should read this book first.

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