Growing Pains by Betty Davis

July 2, 2019


I'm into books that draw you in, set the tone, and bid your attention from the very first sentence. Books where you feel kind of diddled by the moment you’re a few chapters in. My favorites are the books that really suck you in, but can back it up with an absorbing and powerful story and first-rate writing. It’s an infrequent book that has both. I am not saying that some books can’t be extant on one or the other, because that’s fine. But if a book has both? Well, that's another thing.


Growing Pains: Real Talk Poetry for Young Adults Volume 1 has both.  Betty Davis undoubtedly does this book justice. Her writing is enthralling and magnificent, but obtainable too. There are authors who write beautifully, but their writing is toil to get through. But not this book and its poems. It's well-crafted and easy to read. It has some sorrow and heartaches, yes. But it also has some great ups and light-heartedness too. Davis mentioned that rather than telling someone how to live their lives, she'd rather show in words what her experiences have led her to believe. And that we all have the right to choose the path we wish to take, and how it's also good to know what our options are. This alone makes me even love this collection of poems even more.


Overall, I would say this is a must-read. I also excitedly await her other and upcoming books. This book is beautiful, raw, deep and intricate in all the brilliant ways. The author clearly didn’t hold back when writing this and this is definitely something you could read more than once. Easily one of my favorite books. Highly recommended.


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