Mark's Journey To The West by Hugo Luke

July 1, 2019


I read this book quickly. I’m always unsure what to expect with memoirs. Every so often, they are a long toil and it takes a while to finish reading it much like living the author’s life in real time. I read this in just a few days though, picking it up whenever I got a chance. It really was fascinating and intriguing.



In the book, it says, “After World War II and the Communist Revolution in China, Mark's father, H. Thomas Luke, a graduate of Yenching University in Beijing, escaped with his wife Deanna, daughter Shelley, and son Hugo to Hong Kong where he taught English and wrote newspaper articles. The Luke's relocated to Okinawa to a job with the CIA. Mark graduated with honors and played football, winning a scholarship to Trinity College where he met many college friends during the Civil Rights and Vietnam War Era. Like the great Chinese Classic "Journey To the West," he traveled extensively in the US and Western Europe. His writing is about his many encounters and he offers many interesting insights into characters he met along the way.”


This synopsis alone makes it very interesting for me to read already. I was not disappointed. It was one of the most fun reads I had this year. What I mostly loved about this book is that as I read it, I could easily imagine myself sitting at the feet of a storyteller, listening to his voice. He had a way of telling the story and bringing the events to life and that really made it interesting. Not only is the talent of Hugo Luke obvious in the writing, but the stories he tells are heart-warming, fun, and timeless. I love being able to read a book that takes me back through time, and if a book can kindle a curiosity in me, so much the better. This book certainly accomplished all of that. You will just have to read this book for yourself and lend your perspective.  But for now, I will leave you with my highest recommendation.

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