Retreating With Stinky Feet by Martin Dolan

June 26, 2019


I got a hold of this book because I was aspiring for a light and easy read that I could flick through in one sitting. What can I say? Sometimes you just need to read a book cover to cover every once in a while. Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything too rational, just some good, clean old-fashioned fun. But I got way more than what I was hoping for. Instead, I had one of the best reads I had this year.



Retreating With Stinky Feet by Martin Dolan is a collection of short stories and poems. I really believe that poetry can be a wonderful avenue for sentiments, reflections and a whole lot of different emotions. This one is no exception. It shows on his short stories too. It’s all different, but somehow the same. Each poem and story was deeply moving in its’ own way and offered a meaningful connection through the page—from me to them—and a sense of solidarity among everyone with a similar experience. One of my favorites was “The Paragon.”


I thought this book was really well-done. I love that right from the beginning, the writing is solid. Tons of authors nowadays can narrate a great story or poems, but sometimes, they’re just not great writers. They’re all right and tolerable at times, but it is an exceptional author like Dolan, who actually writes skillfully and has an outstanding story and rhythm that can keep it going. On top of that, I just really enjoyed the stories and poems of this book. Overall, I would say this book is a must-read. I do hope he writes more. This one certainly lived up to my expectation.


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