142 Wellington Place by Tim Selvadurai

June 26, 2019

I have this thing I do when I’m not sure what book I want to read next. I gather up about five or six candidates and then sit down and read the first few pages or so of each to see if anything would grasp my attention. “142 Wellington Place” was first in my pile, and I never did make it to any of the others. It started out really well, both beautifully written and thoroughly atmospheric.


In the book it says 14 years after the end of World War II, former RAF fighter pilot Ben Benison gets a frantic phone call from Celia, the wife of his best friend, Don. It seems Don has been unfaithful, and the proof stands in the hallway of the couple’s home: Ada Hamilton, a young, fragile, pregnant girl who clutches love letters written in Don’s hand. Unfortunately, Don is in London, and Celia wants Ben to find out if her husband truly is a liar and a cheat. Ben heads up to London to confront his old friend and then returns to Celia’s house to deliver the sad news that Don has admitted to the affair. But then things take a strange and sudden turn. Two police inspectors arrive minutes later and reveal that Don’s body has been found in his rooming house at 142 Wellington Place.


The suspense in this captivating crime narrative is engrossing and keeps building up until it reaches a most unforeseen crowning point filled with tragedy and thrill. It was a very well written murder mystery. The chain of events thickens, and you will keep deliberating about who did it. Tim Selvadurai did an amazing job. When the real killer is finally revealed, it blew me away. He’s a truly great author with a really unique, insightful writing style that I find delightful. I always love a good murder mystery. This one had the benefit of having a good mystery without all the blood and gore that sometimes goes with the murder. That was nice, because although I do enjoy a good murder mystery, sometimes I also enjoy skipping over the extreme details of the violence that occurred or what the people had to endure at the end. That being said, I think anyone would enjoy this. I think this is a great book, and I highly recommend it.



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