Demons Rising: Return of the Damned by Melvina Hawkins-Patterson

June 25, 2019


It's so infrequent to find an author that you like so much that you try really hard to get a hold of their book. Melvina Hawkins-Patterson is on my shortlist of authors right after I read the synopsis of her book, “Demons Rising Return of the Damned”. This book instantly became one of my favorites. I love mystery, adventure, and books that make me ponder, contemplate and makes me lost in thought. Reading it for the first time, I find my heart racing in just the first few chapters.


In the book, it says Lucifer defied God and was cast out of the kingdom of heaven. One-third of the angels followed him. Two angels didn’t fall to damnation as God forgave them, granting them to reside on earth and have an abundant life. Satan found out about the two and sent the Legion of the Damned to destroy them and anyone in their paths. The two angels were on a mission to save souls from perishing forever.


First of all, the story itself was interesting sounding.  I really enjoyed many aspects of the story. You can feel the adventure and action as the panels carry the story along. In order to make a story work, the writing is key. I prefer it when writing is either so beautiful and lyrical that you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of it, or that it is so well done that you don’t think about it at all and instead are just immersed in the story. I thought it was a very imaginative and interesting storyline and the characters are complex and intriguing especially Time and Oblivion. Overall, it was a quick read for me, and I really enjoyed it. It definitely had some really interesting perspectives and was beautifully written.






interesting perspectives and was beautifully written.

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