Swan Song by Alexandra Moss Zannis

June 14, 2019

The description of this book hooked me right off. I am a sucker for poems these days, and especially poetry that is not on my radar. When I got this book and started reading, I was strung out by the end of every page and head over heels in just a matter of chapters. This book shows that poetry can be an amazing outlet for feelings, observations, emotions and a lot more.


This amazing book by Alexandra Moss Zannis is rather a unique compilation of poems.  The poems range from serious to silly, short to long, and grace all sorts of genres.  I really enjoyed it.  I’m kind of surprised how much I loved it. It was probably better written and certainly more enthralling than many of the novels I’ve read this year.  It was such a bolt from the blue to me to remember that poetry can truly be amazing and is not a type of literature I should so easily overlook. No question, Zannis did a wonderful job on this one. The further I read, the more I began to embrace its' message and feel comfortable delving into another person’s life on such a personal level. Each poem was deeply moving in its’ own way and offered a meaningful connection through the page—from me to them—and a sense of solidarity among everyone with a similar experience.


As someone who thinks that everyone is a reader - some just may not have found their favorite book yet, this is definitely a book I'd hand to anybody who likes to read.  Short enough that it can be read in an afternoon, well-written enough that I found myself wanting to go back and revisit my favorite poems, it's a keeper.



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