Whispering by Jerry Kuttler

May 23, 2019

By Norah Edwards

I have had this book for a few days and could have read it at any time, but I really wanted to bask in it and so I saved it for my trip. I took this book with me on a trip to Brooklyn where I consumed a good deal of my trip holed up in my hotel room and devouring each page. It only took less than two days of unwavering and occasionally interrupted reading to finish this book. I absolutely enjoyed engrossing myself in the world that Jerry Kuttler has created and have only one true lament which is why I waited too long.

Whispering is a captivating and delightful love story between a man who has a special gift for horse whispering, a talent that only six other people had in the states at the time, and a woman who owns a stud farm and looking for a foreman for the stallions. It also exhibits ways on how to look after horses from a horse whisperer perspective. It begins with Jeremy attending a funeral of his Uncle Jim to whom he owes his understanding and skills about horses. He cherished and remembers his Uncle Jim as a man of influence who has an amazing way of dealing with people and horse. Esmira also happens to attend the funeral where she pays tribute to Jim for being a good friend and the best foreman anybody could have. This is where the gladden attraction and love they have for each other begins.

For me, this book isn't a fast-paced read. It's quiet and slow but steadily paced, with characters that started to feel like family and enough mystery to keep me turning the pages. This novel does not only tell a compelling love story that readers will love but also bestows lessons on how to take care and connect with horses and stallions. I loved the writing and was fascinated by the main characters journey and certain themes. It was a really good distraction and not to mention, really well-written. In conclusion, I enjoyed my time with this book and I highly recommend it to everyone. 

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