The Road To Freedom By Adriane Kross

May 11, 2019

By Sarah Carter

I read a considerable number of books on a weekly basis. Not as many as I'd like lately but on average more than my fair share. Most books I can read, enjoy and walk away without looking back. This is not one of those books. This is a book I will never fail to remember. This is the kind of book that I think is really captured well by the description.

The Road to Freedom by Adriane Kross is a wonderful story that brings a decent woman named Mary to her knees against dark forces under the command of one. Her bravery and perseverance led her on an expedition to show who she really was. In the book, it shows that Mary got to the bottom of the whys and how’s, with much bewilderment and fortitude. The characters who gave Mary an awakening brought forth their own interests also. On this long road to freedom, she encountered many obstacles and emotions. Charles our other main character played the role of facilitator. He brought Mary to a point of renewed and greater strength, even if it was by unknown means. The ending of this long 12-year spiritual battle will leave you in awe and wonderment.

Kross's work is truly an upscale adhesion to the few conceivable spirituality books. It is so illuminating, it makes you re-evaluate your personal beliefs and spirituality. She writes with incredible clarity and coherence, weaving experiences from her own first-hand journey into her writing, in ways that make this book more of a conversation with the reader, rather than a lecture. I am certainly indebted for this book, and it can definitely be used for personal reflection or for group discussions. This book is truly valuable which not only leads to new understanding into finding yourself but also bestows a course to a fuller life of love, prayer and happiness. A rich book, definitely well-written and a must-read. 

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