Polyxena: A Story Of Troy by H Allenger

May 11, 2019

By Norah Edwards

I've been wanting to read this for quite some time now, but there was always another book that needed to be read first. Either it was for book club or returning a book to a friend and so on. I'm so glad I stopped my flow of the above-mentioned excuses and finally read Polyxena: A Story of Troy. The problem, however, with trying to review this book is that there just aren't the right words. It was beautiful. The events of the story were sometimes difficult because I wasn’t really sure of reading this type of genre, but H. Allenger is a master storyteller. His writing is stunningly perfect, the story he's created here had me glued to my book.

Polyxena, a princess of Troy, daughter of King Priam, is chosen as Neoptolemus's love interest. Her brother, the great warrior Hector has been killed by Achilles. Things are not going well and her father King Priam sends Polyxena on a mission to the land of the Amazons to enlist their help. On her way back to Troy, she meets Achilles. And even though she had vowed to hate him for his having killed her brother, they fall in love. He trusts her and shares his one weakness with her - his heel. Through the treachery of servants and brothers, Achilles is called to the gates of Troy and Paris shoots an arrow into his heel and he dies. Polyxena is heart-broken. The Greeks are resentful enough to do whatever they can to defeat the Trojans.

I can tell that this book is one that's going to stay with me for a long time. It's definitely one of my favorites this year. It is such an interesting story which takes me back in time. Though this book is fiction, the struggles that they experience are very similar to ours and this is what reminds us of how it is to be human and feel emotions. I am truly looking forward to the next installment. I just hope we don't have to wait too long! 

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