Arkansas History: A Journey Through Time by Arlen Jones

May 11, 2019

By Amelia Miller

There is so much to be said for wandering back in time through a book. In the hands of an excellent author, a book can bring you immediately to a different time, place, or a distinct memory. However, if the author is not utterly on his best performance, the illusion can flunk. This author definitely did not.

Arkansas History: A Journey through Time—The Growth of the Twenty-Fifth State of the Union from 1833 to 1957 by Arlen Jones is an organized selection of excerpts from original sources that tell the story of Arkansas. It talks about the founding efforts of the first advocates for the state’s formation in 1833 through the confrontation at the Little Rock Central High School in 1957 that brought international attention to the American civil rights movement. Jones brings most of his experience both as a classroom teacher and educational administrator to his work to gather and expand the sources contained in this book. He makes aware of the state’s history and that meets the needs of contemporary classes. It also shows on the book that to help it serve as a valuable classroom resource, the back of the book contains lesson plans, worksheets, notes about Common Care standards, and a bibliography. This definitely helps history come to life by giving voice to the people whose actions entwined to make the history of Arkansas. If you are a student or a teacher who desires to learn more about the twenty-fifth state’s history, then this work will meet your needs.

The excellent thing about this book is that it is highly informative. Jones designed this book so eminently well that I'm sure it will encourage even readers that are not from Arkansas. It is his writing skill which serves the subject matter well, making sure we are able to digest his teachings. This is definitely something you should check out. I highly recommend this to anyone. I think it’s amazing and very educational. 

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