Bye Bye Bully By Isabel Peña

April 29, 2019

By Norah Edwards

You know those books that start out one way, and you’re anticipating something very particular from them, and then they just entirely change it all up? This book took me fully by surprise, meaning I didn't really envision to like it as much as I did. I don't often scrabble around into YA, but the proposition excited me and from the moment I began reading, I didn't want to put it down.

This story is not just about bullying and the effects that it can cause, it touches on how teenagers feel somehow coerced to do what others presume of them and not what they truly yearn or desire. It taps on the deeper reasons why we do the things that we do (whether positive or negative). This is a tale of how a bully and her victim became the best of friends. Anybody wanting to regain affirmation about humanity's forgiving and compassionate nature, this is your book! The whole story was wonderful. It made me laugh and it made me cry. I fell in love with it immediately. I love the characters and their past and I love the way that most of them made choices to learn from it and grow. The author, Isabel M. Peña, does a superb job creating genuine and true to life teenage characters we can all relate to. She also did a great job of making me feel like I was experiencing the ups and downs of the challenging time known as the teenage years!

This is a great story for everybody, especially teenagers. It teaches a very good lesson about making choices, compassion, friendship, sensitivity, and love. This book showed so many different perspectives on life and its events. There were many twists and the ending was very surprising in every good way. It is well-written and was hard to put down. I would say this is a light read for the most part, but there are also deeper themes worth exploring here for readers of any age. 

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