The Archangel Dossier by P.H. Sparks

April 23, 2019

By Norah Edwards

Over the weekend, I decided that it was about time I read a book that I really wanted to read in lieu of one I’ve been meaning to. I’ve stopped in the middle of several books a little while back because I just couldn’t seem to give them the attention they deserved. They were, quite simply, not where I wanted to be. Where I wanted to be was deeply fixate on this book - The Archangel Dossier.

Doctor Corman and his team were trying to pioneer a new direction to improved sustainability, to prevent the disastrous results of the weaponization of genetics. To use such knowledge to establish absolute control was wrong. Corman knew better. In the book, it says that it started with a plan, then it became an agenda. It evolved into a biological battlefield, and it was set loose. Private interests with military muscle want to control the game, but in this game, one team of scientists, engineers, and doctors know what the monster really is. They want to put the monster back in the box. The knowledge they acquire and their will to survive is their only tools.

P.H. Sparks seemed to really know the art of well-timed revelation, waiting until just the precise moment to let something slip, gives a different angle, or totally blow your mind. I read it slowly because each chapter gave me something to think about. Either it's a new hint to the mystery, or a secret finally told, that I wanted to contemplate for a while. When I finished reading, I closed the book, let out a big sigh of contentment and sadness at the same time. From the length of my exhalation, I realized I must have held my breath for half the book. Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves history, politics, and thrill. It is definitely a must-read! 

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