Poisoned America U.S.A.: Death Factories In Our Midst by Larry Land

April 23, 2019

 By Amelia Miller

While riffing through some books that I own but still haven’t gotten to pick up yet, I came upon Larry Land's " Poisoned America U.S.A.: Death Factories In Our Midst". From the very beginning of the book, I was already intrigued and captivated. I'm sure there are many that would agree with me. While it’s not my usual reading material, I found myself hooked and it definitely aroused my curiosity.

It shows in the book that this is a true story of intrigue, suspense, horror, love, honor, and patriotism, for the people and our beloved environment. It is a story about the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, also known as the “most polluted piece of land on Earth." This book has dynamically documented the hazardous bio-chemical warfare that this nation’s government, the Department of Defence, the United States Army, the Pentagon, and the industry giants such as Shell Oil Company have waged on its own people.

The historical facet of the book was really what drew me in. It’s a quick read but it had such promising speculation. Larry Land uncloak the right smart spell of his research and put on a thinking cap mainly to give reasons behind these issues and what we can do to help. This book intends to help readers fathom and make sense of the recurrently and refuting fundamentals of withstanding life and making choices. What I like about this book is how readers are granted to open up your mind to a lot of possibilities. This is not your typical story. Overall, we can all learn a lot from this book and the author has set a very high bar for himself although I am positive that whatever he writes next will be even better and I can't just wait for that to happen. 

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