Recapturing The Renaissance by Yolandra Woods

April 15, 2019

By Sarah Carter

The description of this book hooked me right off. I am a sucker for poems these days, and especially poetry that is not on my radar. When I got this book and started reading, I was strung out by the end of every page and head over heels in just a matter of chapters. This book shows that poetry can be an amazing outlet for feelings, observations, emotions and a lot more.

Recapturing the Renaissance is an inspirational poetry book that was written to encourage people of all ages and all over the world. It deals with poetry on the internal and external reality of life situations and feelings. It was written based on many stories that were shared looking for answers or an ear to listen and express feelings. The goal is to reach the hearts of many who are broken, to free their minds and hearts and Yolandra Woods was successful in doing so. As a writer, she is extremely proficient. Her language is beautiful, clear and encouraging.

As someone who thinks that everyone is a reader - some just may not have found their favorite book yet, this is definitely a book I'd hand to anybody who likes to read. Short enough that it can be read in an afternoon, well-written enough that I found myself wanting to go back and revisit my favorite poems, it's a keeper. 

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