Commentary On The Gospel Book Of John by Rev. Raymond Cross

April 9, 2019

By Olivia Roberts

Have you ever asked yourself if there was more to your spiritual walk than what you currently have? Have you ever pondered what really is the principle of true Christianity? Then I have just the right book for you. If you haven’t read any book yet this year, make it this one. Reading this book was a revelation, and I found motivation and incitement in a place I simply did not expect. I was forever changed, inspired, and uplifted by this book.

Commentary on the Gospel Book of John by Rev Raymond Cross talks about the Bible and how it is the most misunderstood and mysterious book ever written. Although a best seller, the Bible is rarely read or thoughtfully analyzed except by ministers and theologians. Being the least read of all books, it usually sits on a shelf or coffee table unopened. However, it is also the truest, most informative and most reliable of all books. It discusses how one has to really read and study the Bible to understand more about God, His thoughts, and His ideas.

This book is good reading for any Christian who wants to acquire more knowledge about the Bible, His church and Jesus Himself. If you're looking for something to inspire you that won't take time to get through, or if you're contemplating for an uplifting book to give as a gift, this is a prominent choice. Time and time again while reading this, I found myself amazed at Cross’ incredible writing style. His words spoke to me on so many levels. It taught me that, with a belief in something higher than ourselves, hope can be found even in the midst of profound devastation. I highly recommend everyone to read this book. 

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