The Spirit Of Redd Mountain by Larry Auerbach

April 2, 2019

By Lucy Harris

I have to admit, I normally shy away from mysteries and the concept of hunting in the woods is not really something on my radar. Of course, I’ve heard of it, and I thought that I knew some basic but that’s pretty much it. I honestly didn't think I would really like this book but boy was I wrong. I actually found it to be enthralling. It's not what I expected at all.

The Spirit of Redd Mountain is a captivating thriller with an evocative ambiance that started in 1963. A disaster strikes when the careless bullets of a hunter named Warner Barney cause an avalanche that sweeps six novice skiers and a rescue ranger to their deaths. Their bodies were never found. On that day, a legend was born. Over the years, numerous reports have emerged about a skier in a red parka who deflects accidents on the slopes, and of an invincible Red Elk that acts as a decoy to save wildlife in the forest. Thirty years later when Gerry Bruce (Jr.) announces a hunt for the Red Elk, Barney comes back fixed on killing and mounting the head of the elusive quarry in his den. But Gerry's father, a former guide and Oliver Barry, the park ranger have other ideas. With their party of conservationists, a veterinarian, an animal rights activist, a journalist, and photographer, they pursue the hunter and his prey over the mountain little realizing as events unfold that fate is leading them towards a final showdown.

Larry Auerbach, as a writer, is extremely proficient. His language is beautiful and clear without the unnecessary baggage of many other academic writers. I was impressed at how easily he incorporates details and facts into his writing. It makes stories come alive, and that’s what’s great about this book. I was pleasantly surprised to experience an author who is a master at his craft. This was actually an excellent choice for a good read. Although different people have different views about the whole story, I think everybody will like it. Read it and be prepared to be astonished, heartbroken, and be inspired. 

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