48XXX81 by Dr. Irene Ford

April 1, 2019

By Sarah Carter

Every now and then, I'll read something that hits me so close to dead center that I would feel as though the author somehow knew me and kept me from ever wanting to stop reading. This is exactly what 48XXX81 by Dr. Irene Ford did for me. I can't precisely remember how I learned about this book for the first time—But now I wish I’d read it much, much sooner.

Ford outlines how she preserved her dignity under unfortunate conditions and conveys her recommendations for changes in the system and its concords in different situations. Dr. Ford's main objective is to stop this from happening to others and motivate others who may be traveling a similar road to seek support. Though her conflicts and battles weren’t so easy, it was really brave for her to share her most personal experiences just so she can help other people with similar situations and endeavors.

Out of all the stories that I've come across on this genre, this is actually my favorite. It is more honest, engrossing and remarkable. By letting us have a glimpse of what she has gone through throughout the years, we might say we knew what she was headed for, yet the twists and turns are often unlooked-for. I highly recommend this book to anyone especially if they have someone they love or are themselves dealing with similar experiences she has gone through. 

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