Collected Events by Carol Garcia

March 26, 2019

By Amelia Miller

I don’t know about you, but I have utterly enjoyed poems, and I’ve read quite a bit of it, but I think the past couple of days has been truly remarkable. When I finished this book, I just gazed at the page for a while, then let it fall into my lap, and told myself with a conviction that this is really a good book. I sit to review a beautifully written, exquisitely detailed poems and can only come up with snippets of sentences to give it a rundown of. It is full of some of the simplest and hardest life situations imaginable, yet it was inspiring and uplifting.

Carol Garcia’s poetry collection “Collected Events” contains heartfelt and lovely poems. This book embraces varieties of poems, meant for everyone who's been through life in general. This book will help others let go of their wariness, uncertainty, and dismay, and will ultimately discover comfort and personal interpretation upon coming to the final page. This exceptional book is definitely a good and encouraging read. Reading this book will help liberate repression and stress. It is also emotional and motivating, with pauses in between so that made it possible for me put it down and savor what I'd read. Even in the last few chapters, there was still a lot to take in, but finishing it was a sheer delight. 

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