Starborn by Terry Atwood

March 20, 2019

By Olivia Roberts

This is the kind of book that I think is really captured well by the description. I thought this book had a lot of promise right from the start. This is just the kind of book that I‘ve really enjoyed lately. First of all, I loved the concept. I don't normally drift to space and aliens stuff but when I read the synopsis of this book, I knew I wanted to read it right away. Another genre I normally steer clear of is fiction, but this one just worked so well for me.


This is a story about Jake Williams, a retired astronaut. During a camping trip in the Colorado Rockies southwest of Denver, he was tangled in a life-and-death struggle to save an injured alien. This started an enigmatic bond between the two and this alien transfers not only telepathic control of his ship to Jake but also his extensive knowledge of the universe and a paramount part of his DNA. From that moment, Jake becomes responsible for the lives of everything on the planet. During this formidable havoc, family, friends, and government leaders rally to help him save humanity. Then, a young woman named Gena crosses his path. For a long time, they both defied the feelings growing between them. But their strong yearning ignites a powerful love binding them across the vast distances of space and is the driving force that saves mankind.

I think this book did two things really well. First, it presented a delightful storyline that kept you reading. Once I started, I simply had to see what would happen next. That is the sign of a good book. The story is also very engrossing. Really, this book confined a lot of essences and addressed them well. I found it very interesting and enjoyable. The second thing that this book did really well—it really makes you think. Not only should a good book have a captivating storyline, but it should make you think and evaluate. Some books lend themselves well to discussion, and this is certainly one of those books. That being said, I highly recommend this book. You should definitely check it out. 

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