Rewritten Lives by J. Elliot Howard

March 5, 2019

By Amelia Miller

I used to love reading poetry quite substantially in my early juvenile years, but recently, I begin to revolve around on other genres. But every so often, I come across new poets, but they didn’t really have that much of an impact to me until then. It all changed when I got the chance to read Rewritten Lives by Jerry Elliot Howard. When I first got it after a very close friend of mine recommended it to me, I was delighted to read a poetry book after so many years, and although I didn't precisely know what to expect, I still gave it a try.

"Rewritten lives" by J. Elliot Howard is a moving and heartening collection of poetry about the lessons that our everyday life teaches us. The book is very inspirational in nature. The poems are easy to read and follow and it will take you on an emotional journey that for some of us might have experienced in our own personal lives. Reading them will not take long. But I am convinced that the utmost benefit of this book is from reflecting on the meaning of life that is given in the poems. Although there are sometimes downhearted subjects that these poems enfold, the book altogether is very life upholding and has a quiet air of satisfaction about it. As Howard tells stories of meaningful relationships, you can profoundly get the range of his sentiment and the extent of his emotions. This book fills your heart with a sense of obligation for the simple pleasures of life and all those little things that we often take for granted without really cherishing them and grasping their value.

J. Elliot Howard did a really wonderful job on this book and he writes so heartfeltly. He certainly knows how to write poetry and delivers. His poetry talks about every aspect of life and is very insightful. With quite several pieces in this work, he has put himself and his feelings out on the line for everyone to see. They enlighten life lessons, teaching us what is important to him and what is not. I would speak favorably of this book to any reader who loves poetry and even to those who do not. I would highly advocate that this book is read one poem at a time, leaving enough time to soak up the message and contemplate about what that message may mean to the reader. 

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