Mad, Bitter, Angry, Saved, Hurt, and Restored by LaVonda Rita Campbell

March 6, 2019

By Lucy Harris

I am a sucker for discovering about amazing, awe-inspiring women. I am not a diehard feminist who thinks we should neglect all the men, but I’m absolutely grateful for the fact that we’re now gaining access to a time where women are more recognized and celebrated. I love that there are so many means now to gain an understanding about women who were influential and courageous, daring and well-informed at a time when women were not expected to be so.

In Mad, Bitter, Angry, Saved, Hurt, And Restored by LaVonda Rita Campbell, readers learn about the difficulties that she's had to prevail over. During her younger years, LaVonda was abused and raped, causing her to become mad, bitter, hurt and angry early on. It was grueling for her to love, trust, have faith in anybody until she learned about God. Though there were times when she continued to dismiss Him, He proceeded to save her life and make her appreciate her worth. Her intention for sharing her personal story is to encourage those who are hurt and suffering, to know Jesus and to always have faith.

This book is utterly great. Campbell is a beautiful writer and an incredible survivor. Her life story is represented in such an emotionally, heart-rending way, that you will be inspired by her life. It was a story of life, the journeys we live through, the struggles we cope with, the people we come across, and how we react to those battles. I felt myself sympathizing with her, and at times even felt myself experiencing those same feelings of loss and failures in my own life. For anyone who has been molested, raped, hurt, and mistreated, I encourage you to read this book. It really has something for everyone. 

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