GGG: The Grace by Michelle Prewett

February 27, 2019

By Amelia Miller

This was the third poetry type book I've read in the past few months and was easily my favorite. Right off the bat, this book takes over you. It doesn’t take long before you see that you’re going to be completely attached the whole time. Reading this, I was prompted how much I loved reading poetry, and there were a few poems that I fell in love with. Poems are best read one at a time, at a leisurely pace and appreciated as such.

GGG: The Grace is set out into categories so that the reader will get the utmost satisfaction and experience from it. The first volume talks about the immeasurable misery and pain during times of divorce, deception and broken homes that have an effect on all members of the family. This first part of grief thoroughly centers on relationships where there is interference and overall love that has been lost. The second volume will focus on issues of struggle with time and with money, death, the overall character of the man, his body, his talents, his gifts, and where Jesus comes into place in his life. Finally, the third volume, Glory, will be a collection and compilation of current events and all-time favorites of the poet be regarded as the skill and talent that have been imparted on the writer.

Michelle Prewett is a very skillful poet. Her words are inspiring and her connection to God is heavenly and something I think many will take comfort from. She is a master of words that are coiled with shrewdness. The words and rhythm of the poems are deeply felt, and it was such joy to read. I found myself precisely incapable of starting another book until I’d come to grips with what I’d read and persuading everyone I knew to join me in this magnificent, remarkable, life-altering journey. If you enjoy poetry and you want to be swept away, you should read this book. 

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