When Love Gets Better by Imogene Grant

February 26, 2019

By Sarah Carter


Recently I've been politely refusing most book review suggestions. My career, my family, my life, in general, has been too demanding and exhausting to add another book to my plate that I wasn't either dying to read or that I could count on to make me less tense or anxious at the end of a long day. However, when I read the summary of When Love Gets Better by author Imogene Grant, I thought this book had a lot of promise, so I read it, and I'm definitely glad I did.

It was a story of life— the journeys we take, the people we stumble on, the endeavors we live through, and how we retaliate to those struggles. It is one of those books that is written about one thing but is also completely about something else entirely as well. This is a story of an orphaned African American boy who grew up and suffered the ups and downs of discrimination in this country. After all his hard work, he went to the top in Tennis in the world. He was helped by an injured player, his Aunt, and Uncle along with other followers in the world.

The story in this book was compelling. It’s a book that is heart-rending and heart-warming at the same time not just because the character is experiencing painful and beautiful things, but because as a reader, I was enabled to assess how I felt about kindred kinds of things that I had come up against. Grant’s writing style is simple yet realistic. It is beautifully written and the overall essence of the book and the storyline itself were touching and consoling. This is a moving novel encompassing family bonds and loyalty. Emotions roar loudly throughout yet the novel, against all odds, manages to come to a satisfying close. 

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