Sketches Of A Small Town...Circa 1940...A Memoir by Clifton K. Meador, MD

February 21, 2019

By Sarah Carter

One of my favorite book friends totally loved this book and it went in my stack without another thought. Memoirs always fascinate me because it gives you an opportunity to see things through another person's eyes and to see the matter from their point of view. It is enticing to read someone else's line of thinking about an event or a period of time, especially from someone that personally experienced it. It gives you the freedom to lengthen your admiration and interpretation.

This is a captivating journey through Clifton Meador's childhood and young adulthood. It is at times delightful, nostalgic, gloomy, funny and sentimental. The book is a series of stories about his young manhood in a small rural town, Greenville, Alabama, during the depression and WW II years. This compilation of stories engages in such a way that the reader is reconnected to the value of face to face relationships and the magnitude of time and place. Meador passionately reiterates the stories that laid the foundations of his values and influenced his life. There are also heart-rending moments such as the loss of his best friend because of the impenetrable wall of segregation. The book is an enjoyable, touching trip back in time, a journey of the heart and an experience that sticks around.

I adored the book tremendously. Meador has a special gift for story-telling, especially true and timeless stories. It was an honest, well-written look at another time long gone in southern history. Anyone who grew up in a small town in this time or whose parents did will love the stories. I found myself laughing out loud so many times. I could just picture the characters that he wrote about and appreciate everything about it. This book has a fresh view to share and held my attention from beginning to end and left me wanting for more. What a fun way to embrace the nostalgic feelings this book offers to the reader! I absolutely cannot imagine any reader who would not love reading this book. Highly recommend! 

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