Peace: Discovering Life's Harmony Through Relationships by Suna Senman

February 21, 2019

By Amelia Miller

Let me start by telling you this, if you haven’t read the series, Being, Peace, and Full by Suna Senman, you absolutely should. You actually don't need to read them sequentially to grasp what’s going on, but you’ll presumably want to. They’re well-written, profound, and inspiring. I loved this book. I took my time to really digest it and honestly, I have been talking about it for days and have been telling everyone about it. If you can't already tell, I'm sold on this book.

Peace: Discovering Life's Harmony Through Relationships by author Suna Senman’s motive is to reveal and elucidate the reader’s true meaning of the word “peace”. This is the second book of a 3-part trilogy. “Being: A Process” is the first book, “Peace: Discovering Life's Harmony Through Relationships” the second and “Full: About Food, Sex and Creativity” is the last. There are numerous understanding and interpretations of peace. Senman describes creating peace as “connected tentacles of honesty, truth, love, value, compassion, justice, responsibility, and happiness”. There are really a lot of things you can learn from this book. This isn't a one-time read book, but a book that can be put to use in one's life plenty of times. This book is one way to bring out peace in our hearts and minds. It motivates us to do an exercise in attentiveness and soul-searching that leads to a meaningful journey of self-discovery. It encourages the reader into making a change, and I am there. I am already super motivated.

Suna Senman writes with honesty, eloquence, and intuition. She’s an amazing writer and has drawn inspiration from people all over the globe. I want to read this book over and over. I want to dog-ear it and take notes in the margins. I love books that change the way I think in a positive way and this was definitely one of them. I liked this book and would recommend it as an important, truth-filled, inspiring and uplifting read. 

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