Greater Gift Hath No Man by John Parker

February 21, 2019

By Grace Adams

My friend and I came across this book a couple of weeks ago while wandering aimlessly through the internet at my house. We discovered it and purchased it immediately. We read this book in my book club and everyone profoundly enjoyed it. There was a lot to talk about and each person had gotten distinct things out of it. Sharing those ideas and deliberating our insights made for one of the best discussions our book club has had in a long time. This book is surely a great book club read.

This is a remarkable story of a Navy helicopter crew and ship embarking on a very gutsy rescue against a horrendous event and seemingly unassailable odds. A family in distress clings to life on a capsized vessel in one of the severe storms ever to hit the West Coast. A Navy pilot who drives himself to his limits, his crew, and his aircraft was their only hope to survive. This is the incredible story of Lieutenant William Hitman Evans and the courageous crew of Buckeye Zero Niner as they withstand the fury and rage against them to save the family.

The writing in this book is outright beautiful. Parker can take a simple story but also a very complex one and make it easy to appreciate and completely exquisite. When I look back at reading this book, I have a lucid and moving image of what things were supposed to look like and the story itself. It was like I was there experiencing it with him, and that was what I loved the most. This is a story about love and loss, happiness and trials, deception and triumphs all wound together. It's a story of how the turns of life can be determined by our choices. It will leave you contemplating how a possible course of action can affect different other elements of the future. The story itself is really touching and I highly recommend it to anyone. 

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