Power To Pray: God's Immense Purposes For Our Simple Prayers by Don Andreson

February 20, 2019

By Amelia Miller


About a week ago, my best friend brought me this book with a note that suggested I should read it and that it had the promise to be life-changing. She doesn't read much from a recreational angle but what she reads is always purposeful so I got a copy without any hesitations. Have you ever pondered if there was more to your spiritual walk than what you have? Have you ever asked yourself how our prayers could make a difference in the world? Then I have an astounding book for you.

The intention of Power to Pray by Don Andreson is to intensify and strengthen the faith in all of us, so that our Father, who anxiously stands by for us to pray, can act on earth as in heaven. I absolutely love this book. I think this is, in all likelihood, the finest book on prayer I have ever read. It's is full of enlightenment that translate into a change in the way you pray. It really expanded my comprehension and appreciation of prayer and partnership with God and it inspired me to spend more time in prayer with Him. It is a sensational truth that if we ask God to help us to pray, He will.

While there are many valuable truths found in this book, the one important thing I have found particularly helpful since I read this book was that we are meant to pray every time a specific need arises. Indeed, it is a very empirical and insight full book about prayer from someone who has clearly done a lot of praying. At the same time, the author gives a very straightforward, yet heartfelt and sincere interpretation of the several outlooks of prayer. As I read through it, I saw the fundamentals God applies to love us, how he uses prayer to manifest his infinite power and grace to us and in us. Don Andreson really shines at divulging his adeptness and understanding of scriptures. At the end of the book, you won't be dismayed as this book have so many notions and revelations. You may want to keep a journal and highlighter handy since there is so much to cast one’s mind back to and meditate upon. I highly recommend this book to everyone! I especially recommend it to everyone that has a desire to move with God. 

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