Mind Control Through Breath Regulation by Nguyen Tran

February 20, 2019

By Olivia Roberts

This has to be the most extensive and far-reaching book on yoga I've ever read. It is unquestionably more than just your run-of-the-mill 'How-to' yoga book. This book is filled with history, and separate but fundamental aspects of yoga from mental to physical to ethical standards.

When Nguyen Tran travelled from Vietnam to Australia to study engineering, he was faced with anxiety, language barrier, culture shock and an enormous course load of strain. Fortunately, a chance visit to a used bookstore led him to take up Hatha Yoga for stress relief. Yoga traditionally separates Asanas (physical exercises) and Pranayama (breath work), but Tran was able to combine the two and found the mix beneficial.

Mind Control Through Breath Regulation explains this mix of held poses and focused breathing using theories of quantum physics. Tran graduated with a PhD in Automatic Aircraft Navigation and BSc in Quantum Physics. Mind control yoga has been said to heal and cleanse many drawbacks in life. It is uncomplicated to do, yet you can already be endowed with many short- and long-term benefits and natural spirituality. It is all disbursed in this wonderful book including entertaining radical and touching stories. Tran explains his breathing exercises in terms of charged particles, electrons, and subatomic waves, and proposes visualizing charges spinning in clockwise loops through the energy centres. The glossary and appendices will help shed a light on some matters for those with a physics’ background. He describes and outlines four types of breath work: modified normal, oxygenating, quantum and resonance breath, which are all well explained. There are quite a few illustrations and diagrams too which are very helpful. Experienced practitioners can definitely further their understanding and ways of developing the disciplined use of the breath with the use of this book.

As an engineer who has practiced yoga for over fifty-five years, Nguyen Tran has broken new ground by using quantum physics to explain the body's response to yoga. His enthusiasm and eagerness as a scientist and yoga practitioner, and his innovative and resourceful illustrations offer a distinctive presentation to inquisitive practitioners and teachers of Yoga. Also, many students did very well in their studies with the help of Tran’s yoga technique. I have been thoroughly impressed, even if it was overwhelming at first, by this all-encompassing book on yoga. If you teach yoga I'd be surprised if you hadn't read this book. It would be my go-to guide. 

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