Hummingbird Wisdom For Kids: Stories to Enlighten Hearts Of All Ages by Rosemary Watson, PH.D.

February 21, 2019

By Amelia Miller

We had this cute little book for my daughter’s 5th birthday and it's a book that's been pulled out almost every day since! I read this book to her and when we got to the end, surprisingly, she asked me to read it again. She loves to have books read to her, but this is one of the few times she has asked for the same book twice in a row.

This lovely book begins with Joyful, a high-spirited hummingbird, who plants seeds of wisdom wherever she goes. She’s always delighted to empower garden friends with creative skill and appreciation to build bravery and prevail over dark hostile creatures. Her father also shows how to raise energy vibrations and improve intelligence to alter conflicts into peace without difficulty and turn wrath into love. As friends bind forces with mother nature’s one source, they eventually all become sensible and love keeps on flourishing wherever they go.

It is such a lovely, sweet story with such essential lessons for children. I like how the story helps kids learn to muddle through with different challenges they come up against every day. The book utilizes nature to help transform negative feelings into peaceful and empowering feelings. The illustrations are colourful, light-hearted and brings about an encouraging, fantasy world of nature where imagination is cherished and nurtured. Speaking as a mom, I've come to believe that one of the most important things an adult can do for their children is to strongly motivate them to be creative and use their imaginations. This is absolutely an excellent little book that youngsters are going to really enjoy and at the same time, the adults can take a lesson from as well. 

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