Free Man Walking by Andy Nieman

February 21, 2019

By  Lucy Harris


I read a considerable number of books in my lifetime. Not as plentiful as I'd like recently, but definitely still on typical more than my fair share. Most books I can read, enjoy and walk away without looking back. This is not one of those books. This is a book I will never cease to remember.

Nieman narrates the story of his life without remorse and vindications. His mother was an alcoholic while his father was always not around. He took to the streets at a very young age and soon found himself hooked on heroin, cocaine, and drugs for years. For a very long time, he was homeless and was eating out of garbage bins. He was also abused by a pedophile in a residential school for years. Now this same person has a University Degree, a United Pentecostal Church Pastor, an Officer of the Legislative Assembly, a poet, a loving husband, and stepdad. This is a true to life story of God working behind the scenes, Nieman's fight to keep body and soul together, and the ultimate saving from drugs and poverty.

This story will give you a unique front-row look into a world only a few know about or experience. You will certainly find a new meaning of hope upon reading this book. I also loved the poems that Nieman opened each chapter with. He surely writes with truthfulness and wholeheartedness. Every chapter is told with raw intensity. Nieman’s experiences, so beautifully and hauntingly detailed here, give the reader the opportunity to see more than a byline.
If you know a perennial alcoholic or drug addict whose life appears to be totally in despair or have a family member living with one, this book is a book for you and for them. Free Man Walking is a swiftly moving story that is quickly consumed but will not be forgotten. I highly recommend this book. It is touching and inspirational. It is deep and also sad. But very happy, too. It is, actually, a lot like life and for that, it was just phenomenal. 

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