The Crow's Cry by Asya Shmaryan

January 15, 2019

By Grace Adams

This is another book club read of mine. It was my turn to organize a book club for this gathering, and this is the book I opted for. I hadn’t read the book prior to the day of the meeting, which I don’t usually do. I like to select a book that’s a well-known excellent read for me, but from time to time, I just have to look around through the libraries and book store’s offerings and do my best to choose what looks good. I always read reviews and ratings before choosing an actual book, and normally this works for me. This was one of the times when it worked out nicely.

Author Anastasia Shmaryan writes a story of crime and adventure to manifest the enduring attachment between all creatures in her new novel. The story sets in motion in a simple, ordinary neighborhood of Detroit, where the Lipinski family lives with their teenage son, Robert. He was then left shattered after his parents' sudden divorce and separates himself away in the attic, devoting most of his free time there. It also doesn’t help that a group in Robert's class endlessly makes fun of him and beats him up.

One day Robert stumbles upon a magpie after she flies in through the attic window and into Robert's life. He named the bird Gale. Later on, Robert discovers that Gale is not your regular, typical bird. Gale can actually comprehend what humans say. Soon, a far-fetched friendship grows between them that sooner or later, leads them both down a path of crime and burglary that spans over a decade and changes Robert's life forever.

The Crow's Cry is definitely a unique and exciting book. Shmaryan created a fast-paced detective story filled with a wide variety of characters. The writing in this book started out really strong. Her writing is simply remarkable and her potential to bring out the best in highly unlikable characters is nothing short of uncanny. Overall, I loved the basic bones of this book -- the storyline, setting, and some of the main characters. It is really metaphorical, and I thought it was very imaginative and amusing. I will for sure recommend it to people who are looking for something complex and interesting to read. This novel is the first installment, so I am certainly thrilled to read the sequel! 

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