Red, White and Who by JoAnn Morris Matthews

January 15, 2019

By Amelia Miller

I'm a massive fan of anything adventure related. So when a bookish friend of mine go into raptures about this book and its sequel on social media, I quickly looked for my own copies without further ado. It came highly recommended and so I gave it a go.

The story focuses around a group of young and committed boys working to adorn prized bicycles for the upcoming, much-anticipated 4th of July Parade. Days before the parade, the bikes mysteriously disappear. The boys joined forces to track down the missing property. They were anticipating that the thief is still in town, but at the same time, they also wish not to encounter him face-to-face. The line of communication is essential among the boys, citizens and local authorities and is very crucial to find the key to this mystery. Stumbling upon clues wasn’t easy, especially when they begin their search with no lead, making their job formidable and challenging.

This book is action-packed. I really ended up loving this book, and very much hold in high regard the twists and turns of the story. I loved the evolution and development of the characters and their dedication. The boys and other characters in this book are incredibly well-rounded. They are keen, enthusiastic and flawed. Those who try to be good also have their faults, they stumble, they come short, but they keep trying. It was unquestionably a satisfying conclusion to the end of the series. As this kind of book goes, I don't mind that it was an easy read, and I undoubtedly enjoyed the story. This was a quick and fairly light-hearted read.

To be honest, I binge-read this series in just two days. Honestly, it was favorable to me to have read all of them quickly so that I could follow all the characters and their storylines. I’d recommend reading this series like that, otherwise, it may be too easy to get a little lost. I am very excited to read Matthew’s other books and I highly recommend it to everyone. 

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