Wolf Creek by William Pardue and Patrick Pardue

January 9, 2019

By Sarah Carter


As with many of my book club reads, this isn’t a book I would ordinarily have picked up. I do enjoy this genre, but this isn’t surely something that would have been on my radar. But a close friend of mine recommended this to me and told me this is an interesting and enlightening read.

Wolf Creek is the true story of William Pardue’s involvement as a Wilderness Camping Counsellor. It is the summer of 1971, Charlie Rogers has just graduated from the University of Texas and is hitching a ride toward the backwoods of East Texas and one of his first escapades was a job as a counsellor for a group of unruly adolescents from the south side of Chicago. The boys have been forsaken and uncared-for by the system, their own parents, and the boys' ranch where they stay in. It is a story of evolvement, maturation, inhumanity, and the strength of love and friendship to restore even the most broken and wounded hearts. I honestly did not know what to expect when I started this book, but I was so glad I did. I was rewarded with a great read about coping up, knowing there’s always hope, and love the boys from the back streets of Chicago.

I learned so much from this book. I have quite a few thoughts about this book. First of all, it is really well-written. This book was inspiring and heart-warming. It was an affirming and encouraging story about normal people and how ultimately, we all must care for each other. I loved reading about the strong points of some of the characters, but also of their families, and although many of them does not have the most radiant stories in life, there was something to be learned from each of them and what they took away from the experience. One of our favourite things we discussed in book club was about what each person is to do with the different encounters they are given in life. I think this book did a great job of not only bringing out this question, but also of offering many different examples of how an individual may act and what the consequences will be.

Really, this is one of those books where the words written are amazing. This is an amazing story, one that will leave any reader with the utmost admiration for these boys and the others who played a part in their success. You don't want to miss this one. Definitely worth a binge read. 

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