Cole's Perfect Puppy by Frances Crossno

January 9, 2019

By Norah Edwards

Cole’s Perfect Puppy was given to me by a very good friend of mine, a former elementary school teacher, with her hearty recommendation. I thought it might be a good read-aloud book for my two little ones, so I decided to sit down and "pre-read" it last week while they’re at school.

Cole's Perfect Puppy by Frances M Crossno is a charming, enthralling and award-winning Christian novel for young children. Cole longs for a puppy. His goal is to save up his earnings to buy Scarlet, his most-liked golden retriever puppy.
This book’s cover is cute and adorable. The plot takes place at a good stride, with a great deal of fun. The characters are conceivable and young readers will surely relate with Cole’s desire for the loving little, playful puppy. The sense of affectionate for animals and the strong bonds that can grow between humans and animals are projected very well. The themes of this novel include friendship, family, and trust in God’s love. These are encouraging messages for all readers especially the young ones.

Cole's Perfect Puppy shares the Christian message in a serene, good-natured way. Rachel, Cole’s good friend, is a Christian and shares her faith with Cole and his little brother Caleb. She is an inspiring young character. The effect she has on Cole, who is ready to make sacrifices to help her is so inspiring and adorable. Faith definitely plays a tremendous part in this amusing story, the kind that acknowledges the sacrifice Jesus Christ made especially the love God has for all His children.

Great for story times, it is a simple one, but in that simpleness is a very sincere and warm sweetness. Cole's Perfect Puppy is well written, has a grand plot, and it is highly recommended. This is a perfect story for any animal lover. It is a heart-warming story that's perfect for holiday reading. 

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