Tossed Overboard by Garibaldi Sabio

January 2, 2019

By Amelia Miller

My husband has been bugging me about reading this book for months and months now. It started out delicately. He was subtly recommending it, saying that he liked it, then telling me how I would really like this book. It’s not that I didn’t want to read it or was putting it off. It’s just that I was already reading another series at that time. Anyway, so I finally got to a place where I was ready for it. I have enjoyed lots of books that my husband has advocated, because although we don’t inevitably read the same types of books, but when he put in a good word for it to me, I’m always psyched to uncover something that possibly hadn’t been on my radar. And he was right! I did enjoy this book very much!

Garibaldi Sabio’s Tossed Overboard is a thriller that curves into a courtroom drama. A suspicious merchant ship exploits, overburdens and mistreats its deckhands. One time, the captain puts two deckhands on a tiny lifeboat unmoored to cope for themselves. Fortunately, those two sailors manage to survive by the narrowest of margins. A law firm assents to take on their case and hopes to bring the shipping company accountable to the court. Private Detective Rocky Stonebrook, an elite PI, agrees to take on the case. He goes undercover on the merchant ship and this is where things got action-packed and thrilling especially when Rocky finds himself in progressively mortal danger.

Instead of solely narrating a courtroom tale, Tossed Overboard adds in Rocky’s difficulties and mishaps to an enticing effect. The complete journey from set up, to sustaining oneself, and giving back hope really makes it certain how much effort, thought and research was spent on this book. Everything is elucidated in utmost details including Rocky’s coded message strategies, his cloak-and-dagger abilities and a lot more. It was a fantastic and an entertaining read! A great thriller, mystery and suspense - very hard book to put down once you get started. I think overall, it was a strong and interesting story. I can’t wait to read Sabio’s other books! 


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