A Perverse Romance: A Tourist Dance To Art And Satirical Provocation by Pru La Motte

January 2, 2019

By Norah Edwards


I snapped up this book at our local library the second I heard of its existence, because I could hardly pass up the chance to read it. A bookish friend of mine raved about this book, and so I grabbed it the moment I had the chance to without further ado. It's actually probably a good thing that I didn't see the book before I picked it up at the library, because, at first glance, you will be wondering about the strange title of the book. Still, it came highly recommended and so I gave it a go.

A Perverse Romance: A Tourist Dance to Art and Satirical Provocation by Pru La Motte is a valiant and invigorating satirical take on aspiration, cultural assumptions, and tradition. Not long ago, Hephzibah Brown, left art school and is on the chase for compelling male models. She has her heart’s set to move from her native Australia to a new place teeming with pronounced flair and ingenuity. When she meets Cedric, known as the Imp of Perversity, she decides to draw him.

Cedric sooner compels Hephzibah to travel to Ghana with him so that she can illustrate the tourist book he plans to write. The content revolves around Hephzibah’s origination of her novel, retrieving ideas from the atypical, few and far between environment she finds herself in. Illustrated in the book are her involvement with different lovers and friends. I’m not going to lie, at times, the artful approach makes the story hard to follow, with some parts be in need of a second or more reading in order to obtain the full meaning of the text. But the story is remarkable in its approach, riveting writing infuse with picturesque, striking visions. The artistry of the writing shines through, and the words are jam-packed with unclouded elements and captivating settings.

This book truly hit the spot for me. It is definitely a great way to escape for an afternoon or two. A Perverse Romance is a mesmerizing work of satire full of complex speculations. I had a great time reading it and I think any one will enjoy the read as well. I've read books with greater depth, but lately I haven't been able to finish any of them. This one was cake. 

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