Samson the Modern Day America: Is America Doomed? By Stephen Ray Williams

December 19, 2018

By Amelia Miller



For those of you who might have been waiting for this review, I apologize that it took me a while to get it down on paper. Sometimes life gets in the way of reading, and it took me nearly two weeks to get through the first half of Samson the Modern Day America: Is America Doomed? It's not that I didn't want to read it. I did. I was actually really excited to get this book. It was recommended to me by a very reliable friend. So, I have high hopes for this book. It did not disappoint.

This book begins with the story of Samson, the only person in the Bible to hold magnificent and formidable physical strength. He was born to live a life of service to the Lord and intended to deem and be in charge of the Philistines. Samson's life is then set side by side with the United States of America, which was once a nation of people seeking a place of worship and service to God. Through time, both Samson and America procure power that any essence would want. However, a run-of-the-mill frailty and vulnerability leads them both to destruction. Backed with Biblical scriptures, Samson: The Modern-Day America is a book that holds nothing short of the key to a grappling country's redemption.

The writing in this book started out really strong. It’s fascinating. It’s informative. It’s all the things. I liked the buttons the author was trying to push with his work. I thought the writing in this book was great. It was fluid and affecting without being too dreary. It was beautiful but still believable. The story itself is charming and evokes a strong time and place, which I really enjoyed. I could say that this was actually an excellent choice for book club. There was a lot to discuss, and although different people had different feelings about the topics, I think everybody will like it. I’m happy that I read it. Even though it has been on my “to read” list for a while, I think this is a book well worth the time it takes to read it. 

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