Gabriel’s Extinguishing the Atomic Hell Series by Yousuf Gabriel

December 19, 2018

By Grace Adams


Gabriel’s Extinguishing the Atomic Hell Series has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time, sending out sticky tendrils of guilt and shame in my general direction. It took me a while to read it because I just have so much to do now that the holidays are coming in. But when I finally had the time to do so, I have no doubt it was one of my best reads yet.

The story is about a time unparalleled in history, when humanity faces an ultimatum of universal nuclear doomsday with an end result of total annihilation of life on earth. Yousuf Gabriel, a devotee for global peace, wanders through the root cause of the nuclear problem. Based on a prophecy in the Quran about the atom bomb and supported by the Bible, philosophically, “Gabriel’s Extinguishing the Atomic Hell Series” covers the extensive field of atomism; scientifically, it covers the entire nuclear phenomena. Gabriel proposes that neither the root causes nor the resolution of today’s nuclear dilemma lie in politics but rather, they are in theology. Throughout the book, he asserts that unless the root causes of the inception of nuclear weapons are dealt with, the nuclear predicament cannot be resolved or avoided.

First off, I am very impressed with the amount of knowledge and research that has been stuffed into this book. It’s amazing, really. I enjoyed the writing. It wasn’t really stylized or anything, but it had a nice flow to it and the descriptions were such that I definitely understood the characters. Secondly, I think it had a good story. It is well-paced, interesting throughout with the last few pages impossible to tear away from. It was in-depth and featured many well-developed characters. It is a relatively quick read and the story was engaging and even had some surprises and twists in it, which was nice. Which brings me to an essential. This is made for some great discussion in our book club. We talked longer about this book than we have any other book in a long time. I had a list of questions that I had gathered from various places, but there was also just a lot of discussion and hashing out details. Overall, this is a book that I will be recommending to others. 

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