Dirty Laundry by Lavelle

December 19, 2018

By Sarah Carter

In Dirty Laundry, author Lavelle expresses his personal view of race relations in the world and how these relations have an impact on both the black and white culture. Through a series of essays, Lavelle gives a rundown on the current state of black culture, evaluates the factors that have caused the disintegration of the black community. This book bestows Lavelle's impression and assessment on different varieties of talking points pertinent to the black community. While sharing his standpoint and sentiment, Lavelle also advocates actions that can be taken that would most probably develop the future for both black Americans and the United States.

Those hoping to educate themselves and help shine a light on a subject that has been shoved into the shadows for far too long, will find a great resource on this book. I highly encourage you to read if you feel up to it. You'll definitely understand more about the current state of black culture. Lavelle is a phenomenal writer. I was impressed at his intentional evaluation of his own perspective. This is undoubtedly a great read for anyone, but especially for those are tired of the same old excuses about why there are still stumbling blocks and drawbacks that have an effect on so many. This book has an honest observation that may encourage and motivate an entire present and future generation. Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent in this book. The chapters weren't very long, which allowed me to read what I could, when I could, without too much turmoil. Just read it. It's stunning, and worth every second. 

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