God Meets The World by Batya Shemesh

December 10, 2018

By Amelia Miller


These past few weeks, I’ve been in a reading slump lately. If you missed the post I had a few days ago, I am dealing with some pretty brutal coughs and colds, and now the flu. I find it grueling to work up the enthusiasm to move around and, say, feed yourself, let alone type something articulate and decent.

Recently, a good friend of mine recommended one of her favorite books, God Meets the World by Batya Shemesh. I picked up a copy without further ado, set in on my to-read shelf, and there it has sat languishing, hoping that I would finally have the strength to read it. The other day, when I was actually feeling a little better, I began reading it, and instantly knew that I had found something worth writing about – something that overcame both my nausea and exhaustion and transported me to an entirely different time and place.

God Meets the World is the story of The Ten Commandments from God's point of view. The book give a rundown of how different ancient events recorded in the Bible inspired God to write The Ten Commandments. It wanders through the purpose for the creation of these commandments and the circumstances of the time they prevailed. The second part of the book explains the practical applications of The Ten Commandments in our modern society.

This book has an imaginative and creative look at the Ten Commandments. It is easy to understand and at the same time the ideas are heart-felt. Shemesh writes compelling examples of the suitability of these commandments that will motivate stirring discussions among colleagues, friends or family. She gives you a lot to think about with room to flourish your own opinion about life and about current events. Many questions that you have thought about will be answered. The propositions in this book are real eye openers. This is a self-help book that can help change your outlook on life, strengthen your faith and help you make significant decisions.

This book will always be on my shelf as a study book and a book of reference. I read it for pure enjoyment, but it could certainly be look over for deeper meaning and would be an incredible book club selection. Highly-recommended. 

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