The Ultimate Road Map To Aging Gracefully by Sati Achath

November 7, 2018

By Grace Adams

I'm the first person to concede that I’m not really into self-help books. It could be a coming-of-age thing, or perhaps it's the stubborn strain in me that is convinced no one knows what I need better than I do, or maybe it's just the self-righteous way that the few I've tried have come across. But at the beginning of 2018, I did something that I never do. I settled on a word to guide me through the year and shape my choices and decisions. That word was FOCUS. I wanted to spend the rest of my year focusing on what really matters. For me, this meant focusing on my relationship with my family, and my health.  

When I came across this book, I immediately snapped it up. And let me tell you, I needed to read it.
The Ultimate Road Map to Aging Gracefully book intends to subdue the restrictions regarding aging and instead empower the individual as they age. Having uncertainties and apprehensions about aging is something that can afflict a person at any point in their life—teenage, adolescent, in their middle-age, or when they find themselves in old age. If you are one of those people, then this book is definitely for you. The logic and shrewdness in this book are the definitive divergence between old people who age to become inadequate, and those who grow old happy, carefree and involved in life.

This book comes up with sufficient amount of morale-boosting incitement and motivating force. After reading it, you will feel like you can reorient some of your old unfruitful ways into new habits that will support your well-being as you age. This book gracefully covers just about every aspect of aging you would want to learn about. It deals with food as medicine, our physical health, maintaining mobility, and much more. Out of all the books I've read on aging till now, this has been the most sharp-witted and thoughtful. This is a beautifully written and a heartening work of passion dedicated towards all readers. I will refer to it time and again. 

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