Mommy's Promise by M Ladybug

October 29, 2018

By Lucy Harris

My youngest daughter is turning six next week but somehow, she still has a flawed selection process when it comes to choosing books at book stores and libraries. As you can imagine, her reading choices can be somewhat hit and miss in the quality department and come story time, I usually regret my lack of guidance. This has led to me reading far more books that a person really needs to read in a lifetime. However, very occasionally, she manages to bring home a winner and this book is one of those.

Mommy’s Promise is a charming tongue-in-cheek children’s book for the younger generations. This book is about a little boy named Tommy, and his dilemma of moving to another home. He was scared and unhappy about it, but her mom made a promise that everything will be okay. I could tell my daughter felt every emotion that Tommy was feeling. She couldn't wait to see if Mommy's promise really did come true. It made her believe that all mommies keep their promises.

As I read this sweet story, I sensed the unmitigated love that was engulfed within this author's message. It teaches us that change is not always a bad thing! What an excellent message to our little ones, given to us in a way one could not help but embrace. No doubt that this book is indeed a great story for both young children and adults too. Lastly, I thought the writing was fantastic. It was beautiful and touching and it was also complex in its simplicity and insight. There was a lot to be learned not only from what was being said, but by the subtle nuances as well. I really think this was a great book. I appreciated the lessons it had to teach, and definitely recommend it to everyone. 

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