Soul Within A Peach by Florence Sau Kin

October 12, 2018

By Sarah Carter

When I finally got a hold of this book, I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to get in to. Was it going to be a memoir fused with fiction, where everyone seems to have a happy ending? But what I found was the author's voice reminiscing a memory as bright and bold as the present, and eloquent enough to make me imagine I was the one having the adventure.

Soul Within a Peach is Florence Sau Kin's spiritual journey to inner freedom. Florence shares her life's story as she also renders lectures for peace within and spiritual growth that she become proficient in throughout her intricate and tough life. Although born in Hawaii in 1915, Florence was the daughter of Chinese immigrants. Her life was pretty much packed with much despair, suffering, strict obedience and hardships. But instead, each stumbling took her to a higher ground rather than trip her life over.

Florence's story is about humbleness, survival, and a human spirit. Somehow, she still managed to find consolation despite everything that happened to her. She offers the readers timeless lessons that applies to everyday life. This book is truly an inspiration.

Soul Within a Peach was definitely easy to read and understand. Florence's sense of humor and positiveness makes it enthralling, even through the hard times in her life. I highly recommend this book because it augments that impression that despite adversity and tragedy, there is always hope. 

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