Magical Wings by Bobby Sherman

September 25, 2018

By Olivia Roberts

Magical Wings tells a lovely and fun tale about sisterhood, facing challenges, sharing, understanding, and adventures. It all started when a thundershower the previous night swept them away. When awakening the two caterpillar sisters, Khalia and Ella, to a June morning in an unfamiliar surroundings. With courage and determination, they venture into an adventure to find their way back home. They face some challenges and they get to meet new lovely characters along the way. Their ultimate dream is to fly, and the lessons they have grasp along the way are more than they could have asked for. These are exactly what parents look for in a children's book. It's exciting, filled with colors, fun and unforgettable.

Colorful, imaginative and packed with adventures and relevant lessons that both children and parents will surely love, it has everything to teach our little ones about life, the love between siblings, family and laughter. It has a delightful story and it's a balance of awesome illustrations and significant moments among sisters or siblings.  

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